It’s all go!

If you missed our Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy event on April 25th, guest Linda Acaster has summed up the afternoon nicely on her blog.

It’s the season for books, (it’s always the season for books!)  and there are plenty of genre authors making themselves known in our region, our sibling social in Sheffield has a handy round up of where you can find  Robyn Hobb, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Ben Aaronovitch, and Anna Smith-Spark. 

But if you don’t want to wander too far from home, our next meet up happens on 27th May. Hull Central Library is once again allowing us to cause genre chaos without hushing us, and there may even be free food at the after event! We’ve two genre masters Peter Crowther and Ramsey Campbell  so  WE STRONGLY ADVISE RESERVING A SEAT! *

We’ll have more on the next Humber SFF soon!


*The comfy seats are disappearing fast!


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